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This new trend of buying smartwatches or fitbits is certainly not over. While 2015 was 4 seasons of Apple Sports, Garmin Vivoactive and Samsung Gear S, 2016 will the year men and women will purchase smartwatches. However, rather than buying costlier ones, they will go along with Fitbits and with gadgets that cost less and possess more features, for example Sony SmartBand or Samsung GearFit.

Buying Smartwatches - Why this Trend is constantly Grow in 2016? Trends are dictated by people and by the requirements an effective. A great number of have been in desperate need of a device that would keep these things accountable that assist them monitor their workout goals. That is why they choose to purchase fitbits and smartwatches.

While a FitBit is often a tiny health & fitness tracker that clips to your pocket or bra, a smartwatch rests on your wrist. The difference backward and forward is a FitBit’s only purpose is always to encourage you to definitely keep healthy and gets you moving towards reaching your workout goals, while a smartwatch carries a wide range of features, including although not limited to receiving notifications, while using the GPS, answering calls, capturing pictures or web surfing. Both devices hook up to your smartphone.

Men and women will carry on and buy smartwatches because these gadgets will keep amazing them in the near future. Listed here are 5 big explanations why smartwatches will still be hot in 2016:

1. They may be More Useful than previously. First of all, smartwatches are not anymore goofy looking, clumsy and difficult to make use of. The models released at the end of 2015 look far more appealing and also have plenty of great features. For instance, GALAXY Gear SM-V700 is equipped with a sideways camera that rests around the strap and can take quick photos. Moreover, both Android and iOs platforms have greatly improved and have become more user-friendly, offering users an even more stable knowledge of less bugs.

2. Smartwatches increasingly becoming Cheaper each day
Another excuse to invest in a smartwatch in 2016 is the amazing price. As an illustration, the very first generation Motorola Moto 360 can be acquired with below $150. The identical can be stated about Asus Zen Watch. This smartwatch is twice the price it absolutely was twelve months ago. If you need to test the smartwatch waters, now it is probably local plumber for this.

3. They will use Technology at a Completely new Level
Smartwatches have been able to nail the tech industry. However the arrival of those new gadgets included a false start, the manufacturers have been capable to greatly refine the look and tweak the technologies used, creating masterpieces built with plenty of features. As an illustration, Galaxy Gear S2 has beautiful rotating bezels which render it look gorgeous on your own hand.

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